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Chad White

Avg Rating: 4.7

About Chad White:

Vital Stats:
Height:  6 feet (183cm)
Birthday:  Unknown
Astrological Sign:  Unknown

Fun Stuff:

Updates Featuring Chad White

New bride Ivy was nervous and hopeful that her husbands friend Chad would like her. Looking sexy in pink her kinky side was kicking in and needed to rub her dripping wet pussy before Chad's fat dick squeezed inside her tight hot pussy. But, Ivy could not wait for her hubby to slide his hard cock deep inside her freshly fucked pussy afterwards.
Starring: Chad White, Ivy Wolfe
Released: 01/11/2019
67 Pics, 49 Mins

With a sudden email boss and super Milf Reagan Foxx, is stunned to find her biggest client is pulling their account, which could lead to her and great assistant Chad left with out jobs. With quick thinking Chad offers a massage to help distress but instead has Reagan's legs spread wide as he digs in deep with his tongue and then his cock.
Released: 08/29/2018
36 Pics, 35 Mins

When Giselle begins to pleasure herself Chad see's how far she is willing to please him again and again. As Giselle gets hotter and wetter it escalates quickly into a full intense bondage and toy session.
Released: 11/08/2017
62 Pics, 42 Mins

My enslaved sexual teen slut Blair eagerly awaited my command while her pussy dripped in her sexy lingerie in the cage. With my permission I fed her my swollen inches into her mouth before tying her ass up and burying my cock deep between her sweet butt cheeks and into her tight young pussy. Like a good girl she let me empty all my cum inside her.
Released: 05/20/2016
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Beautiful and busty Hotwife Natasha sure looked good and had my cock throbbing. When she let those juicy tits out I had to wrap my mouth around them. She sat her delicate hole on top of my meat and her tight pussy took me balls deep, for a good fuck session and made sure I emptied every ounce of cum deep inside her.
Released: 05/10/2016
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I had a nice Lesbian surprise for my hot wife Rachael and blindfolding her only made her more wet. She quickly ran her fingers inside her friend Nikki and my cock grew long and hard too. Watching both of their mouths suck on my meat had my balls swelling full of cum. I did my best sliding my cock into both tight pussy holes but I erupted a volcanic eruption of cum and they both shared it like best friends.
Released: 02/06/2016
87 Pics, 31 Mins

When her irresistible landscaper corners her one summer afternoon, Bianca finds herself in a losing battle with temptation.
Released: 07/28/2015
68 Pics, 28 Mins

Filmed right at home, Skye West gets fucked hard by another man, as her boyfriend records every minute of it.
Starring: Chad White, Skye West
Released: 06/24/2015
72 Pics, 38 Mins

After sizing us up Paris knew she needed to peel off her soaked white panties and show us the goods while we cleaned the pool. Before you knew it we had our cock deep inside her hot young mouth and our balls on her chin. Her tight pussy was so tight and wet we fucked her hard before exploding cum all over her pussy tits and cute face.
Released: 05/29/2015
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Aroused by the possibility of an open marriage Lindsay shares this news with Patrick, who eventually agrees to give it a shot. But when he is slow to take the initiative with Gillian, the two girlfriends surprise him with an afternoon of explosive sex.
Released: 05/27/2015
53 Pics, 28 Mins

After Gillian discovers that her best friend, Lindsay, isn’t as uptight as she expected, she reveals a provocative secret. Gillian and her husband, Joe, are swingers and they’re eager to invite Lindsay and her husband, Patrick, into their fold. Aroused by the possibility of an open marriage Lindsay shares this news with Patrick, who eventually agrees to give it a shot. But when he is slow to take the initiative with Gillian, the two girlfriends surprise him with an afternoon of explosive sex. Caroline and Tyler enjoy a very emotionally and physically satisfying marriage, but that doesn’t prevent their insatiable curiosity from creeping in from time to time. Fascinated by the dynamics of the swinger lifestyle, the two set their sights on close friends and swingers, Jenny and Max. But after a failed attempt at seduction, Tyler and Caroline are worried they might not have the game it takes to succeed in the lifestyle.
Released: 05/25/2015
287 Pics, 132 Mins

Ava catches her employee off guard when the private meeting she requested isn’t to fire him, but to instead proposition him for sex.
Released: 05/06/2015
78 Pics, 30 Mins

While getting some approval on her hall pass, AJ already had a face buried deep inside her wet pussy. Not long after her juicy ass was in the air getting hard inches pounded into her and tons of ounces of cum pouring into her married mouth.
Released: 05/01/2015
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With tits like that how could Keisha keep them to just her boyfriend. She blessed our cock with those melons out and our cock was rock hard. We fucked so crazy before we knew it we were balls deep inside her tight hot ass. Keisha loved the anal pounding and had us cover her cheeks with cum.
Released: 04/25/2015
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A illicit affair between groom, Chad and his future mother-in-law reaches a breaking point when things get hot and heavy just hours before the wedding.
Released: 03/24/2015
75 Pics, 27 Mins

Hot and tangy Asian delight is on the menu today and Miko Dai has her tight pink pussy on buffet. As she presented her seductively dressed in black lingerie tight body we feasted, fucked and unloaded all our cum deep inside her hot wet married pussy.
Starring: Chad White, Miko Dai
Released: 03/24/2015
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Dahlia Sky just needs the cock. So we let her slut herself up as we watch some hard cock fuck her and cum all inside her mouth.
Released: 02/17/2015
106 Pics, 40 Mins

Ryan discovers that watching his wife Cherie become sexually unhinged in the hands of a man she cannot see is the ultimate foreplay.
Released: 01/28/2015
90 Pics, 32 Mins

A couple with a secret obsession for BDSM sex indulge in a night of full sensory deprivation.
Released: 01/14/2015
110 Pics, 29 Mins

Kristin's (Karla Kush) forbidden attraction to her husband's best friend reaches a breaking point when he arranges a private get-together for the two of them.
Released: 12/03/2014
96 Pics, 39 Mins

Knowing how much it pleases her husband about her sexual exploits, Siri sets her sights on a prospective sales client that swings by to look at a house she's selling.
Starring: Chad White, Siri
Released: 09/30/2014
75 Pics, 30 Mins